Get a Better Conversion Rate

Picture This: A lead contacts your firm via Web Chat late at night seeking legal help. You contact them first thing the next day but can’t get a hold of them.

What do you do now? What process do you have in place to re-engage the potential client?

This is a common problem many firms have. Not only should you be calling a potential client numerous times, but you should also be sending Text Messages and Emails to try to re-engage them.

SMS Texts have a 98% open rate and are usually opened after just 3 minutes (on average) and emails have a 22% open rate after about 6 hours.

Why not send both?

Automating the Chase Process

Having a system in place to send personalized Text Messages and Email Messages automatically for each Chase Attempt can further increase your conversion rates without your staff members having the responsibility to do this manually.

You can also avoid having to use a personal cell phone number to communicate with a client. All of your messages can be consolidated into one system.

The Magic Number “6”

According to a Study by Velocify™, chasing a lead 6 times has a 93% chance of converting the lead to a client, and chasing a lead one time has only a 48% chance of converting.

If you’re spending money on marketing just to get the phone to ring, having a process in place to achieve 6 Chase Attempts could increase your bottom line tremendously.

Lead Chase Study

Choosing the Right System

There are many systems that specialize in the Intake Process. However, Lead Docket offers simplicity and flexibility to improve your firm with no hassle.

Lead Docket offers many customizable features to best fit your firm’s workflow. With adaptable tasks designed to ensure every lead is managed appropriately and automated messaging, keeping track of the intake process has never been easier.

Features Include:

  • Automated messaging
  • Tasks to manage your workflow
  • Consolidation of ALL leads on one dashboard
  • Integrations with your lead sources (Web Form, Web Chat, Etc…)
  • Send and receive electronic signatures
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Referral tracking autonomy
    …and much more!

Lead Docket

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