Advertising Tracking

What if I told you that one change could launch your law firm advertising into the next stratosphere? Well, you might not believe it. But that’s exactly what ad tracking can do for attorneys who are willing to step up. And it’s never too late to take advantage of technology.

As media buying experts, we’ve watched law firms large and small succeed or stagnate. So, we know that tracking advertising can be a game-changer. And we can assure you that a lot of the top firms in America have sophisticated tracking in place to prove what their advertising dollars are doing. That said, there are many small and mid-tier firms that could play in the big leagues just by changing how meticulously they monitor advertising.

So, what are the questions your firm can answer with tracking? Most importantly, where your cases actually come from — and which ones generate real revenue. The most lucrative cases are the ones based on complete and accurate information. And tracking, quite simply, leads to smarter business decisions.

While ad tracking helps law firms’ bottom lines, the methodology can also change dramatically the way advertising agencies approach campaigns. Here’s how tracking will build a better legal business for your firm and your marketing partners:

Look at Tracking as an Investment

Change your perspective. Start looking at advertising for what it is: a significant investment in your law firm. Do you check your bank statements, or do you guess how much money is in the bank? Do you monitor your 401K, or do you just let it run on autopilot? If you track the success of other investments, why not track your advertising?

Move the Needle with Precision

The only way to corroborate the effectiveness of an advertising plan is by measuring it. And the only way to improve is to track with daily transparency how advertising strategies and tactics are performing. With this data-backed knowledge, your ad agency will have greater conviction to invent new creative or shift your firm’s media mix to improve the results of your investment. Without tracking, knowing when, what type and how much change is necessary is all speculation.

Remove the Guesswork

Advertising tactics change with the speed of technology, and attorneys must experiment to see what hits. But digital tracking tools remove the amount of guesswork in advertising. Technological advancements have given businesses new ways to test, evaluate and record the results and ROI of ad campaigns. For example, you could test different creative on different radio or TV stations or select specific day parts to see what works most effectively for your firm. That is commonly called A/B testing. But without tracking measures, it’s hard to conduct valid experiments.

Rely on More Than Gut Instincts

With the guidance of media buying agencies, many law firms experiment with the latest advertising. But often they base success on their gut instincts rather than looking at what the numbers are showing and forecasting. And that shortsighted approach can lead to some major missed opportunities. While your gut is important in making many of life’s decisions, business is a different beast. Ignoring tracking statistics when adjusting your advertising campaign is a risky way to manage your investment.

When you track it from start to finish, a quality advertising campaign can significantly impact your law firm’s overall success. Failing to follow the ebbs and flows of your advertising investment is myopic. And, most importantly, it doesn’t allow your ad agency to work to the best of its ability.

While you are at it, pay attention to Intake and conversion. I guarantee you that compulsive tracking of both your Advertising and your Intake and Conversion with great software such as Lead Docket ( ) or other software will completely change your game.

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by Harlan Shillinger
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