With four decades of experience in legal advertising with a passion for legal marketing, intake, and conversion, Harlan Schillinger has more than earned his title as the Grandfather of Legal Advertising.

Harlan was the first in the industry to produce and market TV advertising for the legal community. In 1975, along with his partners, Harlan founded the first syndication TV production firm for high-end retailers and Lawyers, creating television commercials that aired throughout North America.

Since the late 1970s, Harlan has worked aggressively, productively, and professionally within the legal advertising space. He has said that: “Creating opportunities and increasing market share for advertising law firms is [his] #1 priority. The value of the case is everything in such a crowded market.” Harlan privately consults with lawyers who not only share his values, but who also share his vision of increasing business, being accountable, and obtaining high-value cases. His approach to intake and conversion rests on complete accountability within that area and he is known to practice what he preaches. Harlan has trademarked within the legal advertising world the two phrases that have become his backbone of philosophy: What You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know®, and Ambassador of First Impressions™.

Since that time, Harlan has worked with more than 130 law firms in almost 100 markets throughout North America. Before joining Network Affiliates in 1985, Harlan was a founding partner and VP of Madison, Muyskens & Jones, a Connecticut-based advertising agency. In April 2016 Harlan retired from Colorado-based Network Affiliates, the nation’s first and largest full-service legal advertising agency, where he was the leader of their attorney marketing efforts for over 34 years.

A few years ago, Harlan and two of his partners – Dino Colombo Esq. and Eric Coffman – developed Lead Docket, software for intake and conversion within law firms. Harlan says that Lead Docket helps law firms increase control and management of intake and conversion, allowing the firms to thrive.

Harlan is involved with a number of professional organizations, being a member of the National Trial Lawyers Executive Summit Committee as well as a Senior Editor and Writer for the National Trial Lawyers Magazine. He also has a passion for riding and building custom motorcycles, and is a proud member of the most prestigious motorcycle group in the world: Hamsters USA ® Motorcycle Group.

by Harlan Shillinger
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